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What is quality management?

Actually, it is just doing the right things first time right your customers. But to achieve this in a company, it is important to have clear internal agreements on who is responsible for what, and how certain tasks are to be performed.

In small and mid size organizations, the owner/general manager arranges this by himself with his teams. However, in the event of further growth in turnover and personnel, it will become important to provide more documented structures in order to guarantee the required quality. In addition, larger business customers increasingly demand an ISO 9001 quality certificate.

Being ISO 9001 certified is often one of the essential requirements for tenders, or for being accepted in supply chains of products.

ISO 9001 and quality management: is it all the same?

No, of course every company wants to satisfy its customers: delivering the right products and services of in time. Each company will organize this in its own way. And one may name that their own quality management system if certain rules have been agreed and are implemented demonstrably.

But comparing that “own management system” to the general principles of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which are based on some generally accepted standards in society:

  1. Determine your own (quality) standards and values
  2. Say what you do (and describe this)
  3. Do what you say (and prove it)
  4. And continuously work on improvements (and realize this)

All this based on the strategy: Continuously working to increase the satisfaction of your customers.
And of course: Carry out everything complying to the applicable laws and regulations.

Our question to you:

To what extent do the principles of ISO 9001: 2015 differ on the planned approach for sustainable success that you prefer?

Do you also see a large degree of overlap, and do you want to get started with quality management and / or ISO 9001 certification? Please contact or call +31 55 – 360 39 18. (office hours: 08.00-16.30 hr UTC)

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