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Achieving successful project outcomes together.

Projects and project-based activities are important ways for solving unique complex issues. That is why it is not only broadly used for construction and maintenance of roads, buildings and installations, but also for implementation of changes and innovations within organizations. And it is always the human factor that counts! Did you know that developed countries such as Iceland, Germany and the Netherlands, spend approximately 30% of all hours in an organization is invested in project-based activities?

But … completing projects successfully is not easy, as you can read in reports from the Standish group, PMI pulse of the profession 2019 and recently The future of project management, A Global Outlook 2019 (AIPM/IPMA/KPMG, november 2019) . How much time does your organization spend on “one-off, unique jobs or assignments”? And how successful are these unique assignments? With proactive leadership and the right competences in the team, the chance of success is the highest!

BEVON Gilde can provide you with experienced, certified project managers to successfully complete your project (s), on time and within budget.

With our years of experience in various industries, we also regularly guide organizations in the effective organization of project management.

Improve your PM-competencies

Workshop: Project management according to ISO 21500. This workshop provides a quick insight into the maturity of your Project Management organization in a playful way.

And it offers you the tools to evaluate your projects against the ISO 21500 project management guidelines.

Integrate sustainability within your Projecten

Do you aim to implement your organizations’sustainability policy in your projects consistently? Consider the intensive 4-day course “sustainable project management”.

It’s the best way to get hands on tools to integrate sustainability aspects into all your projects, while also taking into account the integration of requirements in the field of Quality Assurance (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14.001), Health and Safety Management (ISO 45.001) and Energy Management ( ISO 50.001).